Born in the late 50's when the wet suits were black and diving was a practice for crazy people , I put my head underwater for the first time at the age of 13 since up to that age  I was not even able to swim. Going underwater for a young boy was a bit more difficult than today at that time .Padi did not exist in Italy. There were just  a couple of schools which used a learning methodology coming from army . Classes could last even six months and to go underwater You had to even learn the use of oxygen closed-circuit systems. To overcome these tough tests, passion had to be very strong. Since nobody in my family had never even thought that it was possible to breathe underwater , after a first scared impact, They  made a decision to let me go , crossing the fingers , and praying any time I left for a dive.  Also my friends of my own age used to look at me as someone coming from mars . While on Sunday,  the common habit was to play a soccer game , I used to leave (winter and summer) to wet my self into the sea nearby Rome where I lived. Strange boy !

    The photography came few years later when I received as a gift a NIKONOS III . I  used  it for over 20 years along with a 28 mm, 35 mm and a 15 mm. The first strobe was an ''air'' Philips CT38 closed in a self-made housing. In the late 90's I moved to an housed camera , a NIKON F60 in a HUGYFOT . In 2005 , my third step ; I moved to Digital.

Over  30 years are gone . My wife and my son have replaced my parents and my old friends in trying to understand . Seems they do or, maybe , the have just given-up.  Divers are many more and the wet suits are coloured . However the passion is still there .

I'm not a professional and this is the reason why my pictures are not so sophisticated . Any snap-shot is just a try to ''freeze'' what I have enjoyed.  Now , I want to share all this with who else may have  the same love for the sea. Hope you 'll appreciate that. Thank you so much !   

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